completed films

, 2011


Joan starts a journey traveling all over post-war Armenia. Through the authentic nature, people she meets on her way, the voices and sounds she listens to, Joan finds herself longing to perceive the world anew. While she is looking for the person whose voice had called her to him…

Starring Armine Anda & Mikayel Vatinyan

Directed by Mikayel Vatinyan Produced by Armine Anda

Written by Armine Anda & Mikayel Vatinyan

DoP Tammam Hamza Prod. Designer Ivana Krcadinac Edited by Tammam Hamza & Arthur Petrossyan

Music by Arthur Manukyan Sound by Paruir Baghyan

Production Hoskee Film, Armenia, 2011

Partners NCCA,  GAIFF (Armenia), GIFFF (Sweden),


World Premiere: Official Competition, Busan IFF, 2011 European Premiere: Goteborg IFF; North American Premiere:  Seattle IFF, USA; Selections: Let's Cee Film Festival, Austria; Golden Apricot IFF, Armenia; Molodist IFF, Ukraine; Listapad IFF, Belorussia, Tbilisi IFF, Georgia; One Shot IFF, Armenia; Talin Black Nights, Estonia; Festival of Different Sounds, Lyublin

GIFFF&PPP Project Award 2007


short animation, 2008


Bojo, a small bear, lives in his house alone. Once the wind blows him out of the window, and he witnesses an end of a love story.

Directed by Mikayel Vatinyan
Produced by Armine Anda

Written by Mikayel Vatinyan & Armine Anda

Original Story Armine Anda Graphics Ivana Krcadinac Animation Vrej Kassouni Music by Arthur Manukyan Edited by Arthur Petrossyan Sound by Philip Lamshin Production Hoskee Film, Armenia, 2008

Partners NCCA (Armenia)


Golden Apricot IFF, Armenia; Krok Animated Film Festival, Ukraine; Warsaw IFF, Poland; Yerevan International IFF, Armenia. The World as You See It” IFF Armenia; Sofia IFF, Bulgaria; Syracuse IFF, USA; Ankara IFF, Turkey. Animaevka IFF, Belorus. Awards: The World as You See It IFF, “Best Film”; Yerevan IFF for Cildren and Youth, International Jury soecial Prize;  Animaevka IFF, Special Diploma and Crystal Pencil for Artistic Language.